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    B O O K   M E M E (x)

    [3/20] Books or series | Deathless by Catherynne M. Valente

    “That’s how you get deathless, volchitsa. Walk the same tale over and over, until you wear a groove in the world, until even if you vanished, the tale would keep turning, keep playing, like a phonograph, and you’d have to get up again, even with a bullet through your eye, to play your part and say your lines.”

    ― Catherynne M. Valente, Deathless

  3. Is it better to out-monster the monster or to be quietly devoured?

    — Friedrich Nietzsche (via rabbitinthemoon)

  4. Ten Fic Recs

    Rules: In a text post, list ten FICS that have stayed with you in some way. Don’t take but a few minutes, and don’t think too hard — they don’t have to be the “right” works, or even all the same pairing or fandom, just the fics that have touched you or that stuck with you somehow. Tag ten friends, including me, so I’ll see your list. Make sure you let your friends know you’ve tagged them!

    I was nominated by gizkasparadise

    1. A Morbid Taste for Ice by sitehound

    "Darcy Lewis never imagined she’d be living in a house trailer in the New Mexico desert with the God of Thunder and his sociopath brother, but she’s making the best of the situation. Until a frozen corpse shows up on the front porch. Casting herself as amateur sleuth, she embarks on a journey that will challenge her definitions of good, evil, love and what it is to be human."

    Thor/Avengers fic. (AU as of Thor: The Dark World.) Darcy Lewis x Loki.  The basic plotline is a mystery, one that keeps you guessing about what’s happening and why.  But there’s also so much more going on.  The characterization is spot on and because of that, the character development feels right, as it’s starting from a solid base.  Loki’s and Darcy’s interactions, and everyone else’s, were entertaining, touching, and left me wanting more every time I finished a chapter.

    2. Too Much in the Sun and The Poetry in Blood by GlassShard

    FFVII.  This was written before the Compendium started coming out, so Crisis Core, etc. are not part of the timeline.  The Poetry in Blood covers the interval in Nibelheim just prior to Zack and Cloud’s escape from Shinra.  Vincent Valentine has a bit of a wake up from his 30 year ‘nap’ to feature in this one, and the king of creepy scientists, Hojo, is also a prominent player.  Eerie and with a generous helping of gore - if those aren’t your things, back slowly away and maybe they won’t give chase.

    Too Much in the Sun:  After the events of FFVII, everyone went their own way.  Some kept in touch, some didn’t.  But ten years later, an old enemy (no, not Sephiroth) rears its head and things come crashing down.  The crew has to save the Planet again, but their own demons aren’t helping.

    These aren’t perfect fics, but I loved them when they first came out and still do.  No one’s two dimensional here, though quite a lot of them are more than a little crazy…but that also makes sense when you read the stories.

    3. Start a War by gizkasparadise

    "Ruin & Rising alternate ending (and spoilers) : It takes three hundred years for her to love him again. Darkling x Alina, Nikolai x Alina and some Mal x Alina."

    The Grisha Trilogy.  If I could have waved a magic wand and had the ending I would have loved for this trilogy, this would be it.  The writing is beautiful, the characters are so very much themselves and developed wonderfully over the interval of the story, and it is perfect in not being a ‘perfect’ ending in faerie tale terms, but perfect in being so fitting for these characters and their story.

    4. Lullabye for the New World Order by synecdochic

    "Two years ago, Tseng of the Turks heard Tifa, the newly-hired waitress at the Turks’ favorite slum bar, drop a tray of glass and start swearing in Wutaian. Half an hour later, she was looking him in the eye and telling him she grew up in Nibelheim — and was there when Nibelheim went up in flames.

    Since that moment, he’s been doing everything he needs to do in order to get her and Rufus in the same room, because he knows she has answers to the questions that have been plaguing him and the man he’s loyal to since the moment they heard of the town’s destruction — answers that might mean Shinra’s destruction, or its salvation.

    And perhaps unfortunately for Tseng, his plan is about to work.”

    FFVII.  AU.  So far, we’ve seen numerous of the crew from the game, with indications we’ll see more.  The focus is on Tifa, Rufus, and Tseng.  I was avoiding unfinished fic on this list, but there is a substantial amount to this one already and the author continues to work on it.  I love how the author has taken what we saw of the characters in the game and developed them.  Tifa is tragic and strong and badass.  Rufus, who we really didn’t see much of in the game all told, is fleshed out into an amazingly complex and fascinating character.  Tseng is a man caught amidst various obligations, staying true to the deepest of loyalties.

    And Reno is, as any well-written Reno, hilarious.

    The writing is superb and I can’t wait to see where the story goes.

    5. Room of the Host by Ashlea

    FFVIII.  Inspired by this installation:  http://massmoca.tumblr.com/post/20597287483/flashback-friday-do-you-know-who-created-these

    Backstory for the Sorceress Ultimecia.  Haunting and with gorgeous writing.

    6. Forget Me Not by devilishlysas

    "When Emma abandoned Hook at the top of the beanstalk she had no idea just what path that decision might lead her down… straight to Neverland apparently. Never trust a Pirate Captain, especially when your survival might depend on it. Follows on from the Tallahassee episode 2x6. AU as of 2x8."

    Once Upon a Time. Emma Swan x Killian Jones/Captain Hook.  I’m a fan of darker, edgier Hook, though only when Emma is a match for him and not twisted into some meek little creature.

    7. The Path That Moonbeams Make by KnifeEdge

    "Emma likes to sleep with her window open. She never quite realized who she’d be inviting in. All things considered, however, Captain Hook showing up in her bedroom after midnight is hardly the worst of his offenses. Emma knows how to handle Hook. (AU post "Welcome to Storybrooke". Unapologetically Captain Swan.)"

    Once Upon a Time. Emma Swan x Killian Jones/Captain Hook.  I really enjoyed the premise here and reading the story just made me happy.  Happy is good.

    8. The Fangs of Little Children and Pas de Deux by Cheshire Court

    Xenogears.  The Fangs of Little Children imparts further backstory to Id, well-written backstory at that and…I’m not sure I found any other place where that’s actually been done.  Pas de Deux is set after the game.  It’s a brief story, with the premise that Id wasn’t actually wholly subsumed into Fei’s personality.  (If you like the idea of ‘brothers’ in one body where one’s nicer and one’s the badass fighter, check out the book Dark Moon by David Gemmell.

    9. No Such Counsel by Guardian1

    "After Twilight Princess. Dogs wait forever: Midna and Link, with Zelda bearing the brunt. Oneshot, spoilers."

    Zelda: Twilight Princess.  Link dealing with the reprecussions of what happened at the end of the game.  There is also Go Not Gently by this author, which is amazing and gutting and got me to pick up FFIX again when I read it.  And her Kingdom Hearts fics (the multi-chapter one of which hasn’t been finished (*sniffle*), but is a heartrending rendition of how the FFVII characters wound up in the KH continuity.  Not aligned with what the game had to say about their background, but far more powerful).  Got me to play KH to begin with, because upon reading one of the one-shots, I had to try a game out of which those fics could come.

    10. Uhhh, some of the above had more than one fic, so.  Yeah.

    As for tagging (and please don’t feel obligated to do this!!)… I don’t want to double tag people that have already been tagged, so just adding a few more: arin-of-herran, perks-of-being-a-canadian, lauragmaldon

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    Avengers Photoset #38


    Avengers photoset #37

  6. Study claims cave art made by Neanderthals



    A series of lines scratched into rock in a cave near the southwestern tip of Europe could be proof that Neanderthals were more intelligent and creative than previously thought.

    The cross-hatched engravings inside Gorham’s Cave in Gibraltar are the first known examples of Neanderthal rock art, according to a team of scientists who studied the site. The find is significant because it indicates that modern humans and their extinct cousins shared the capacity for abstract expression.

    The study, released Monday by the Journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, examined grooves in a rock that had been covered with sediment. Archaeologists had previously found artifacts associated with Neanderthal culture in the overlying layer, suggesting that the engravings must be older, said Clive Finlayson, one of the study’s authors. Read more.

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    Miyazaki’s “The Flawed Concept of Good vs. Evil” illustrated by Ashley Allis.

    "You must learn to see with eyes unclouded by hate. See the good in that which is evil, and the evil in that which is good. Pledge yourself to neither side, but vow instead to preserve the balance that exists between the two."

  8. gizkasparadise:

    So I am writing the Black Heretic timeline/story for Lone Candles and it is becoming more and more like a Batman AU. 

    I think at this point I’m just going to roll with it.

    Someone the other day was saying the Darkling looked sort of like Howl in their head, and Christian Bale voiced Howl in the Howl’s Moving Castle dub and so…and so…it’s ALL a Batman AU?

    They just think he’s dead, but he really ran off with Catwoman.

    Uh.  I don’t think I had an actual point in there anywhere.

  9. “We all die. Not everyone dies for a reason.” 

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  10. lushcola:

    If I go with him,” she said, her voice low and shaking with the thing she did not want to say but had to, “will you put me in the factory with the Yelenas?”

    “Yes,” he growled, “yes, I will put you there and turn out the light in your eyes and come to stare at you for centuries, to pore over you, because you are  m i n e , my treasure, my hoard, and I cannot  k e e p  y o u  and I cannot  l e t  y o u  g o .” - (Deathless, Catherynne M. Valente)